what i do

I am first of all I am a daughter of God and a mother of two toddlers.  My husband has a new business and I am home with the kids.  I squeeze my creative endeavors between diaper changes and snacks.

Secondly, I am a freelance graphic designer.  My jobs include large scale design jobs to simple logos and baby shower invitations.

Thirdly, I am an artist.  I like it all. Sculpture, crafty things, paintings, and treehouses!  I like the variety but I feel creatively ADD most of the time.

Fourthly, I am a thespian.  My degree is in Theatre from MSU.  I have enjoyed all aspects.  I have written many scripts including "The Complete History of Abilene Texas in Twenty Minutes" and many original scripts for Beltway Park in Abilene.  I haven't performed on stage in years but I love to direct.  My most recent directing fun was a summer camp here in Munday where we did an original production based on the poetry of Shel Silverstein.  I have written scripts for others including the National Center for Illustrated literature.

Fifthly,  I am whatever I need to be.  I love my friends and family.  I get as much joy from cooking  a good pan of enchiladas as I do from selling a design.  Life is good if you keep jumping out there with what God made you to do...my opinion.